Beyond The Peak

Extracted regions of galaxies

Below are FTS-line fluxes and ancillary measurements extracted from all BTP galaxies detected in 12CO. There are 2 types of apertures: annuli and fixed grid. The line flux data file consists of line fluxes measured (or upper limits determined) for each region, in IPAC table format. The spectra fits files consist of a spectrum for each region for the two wavelength regimes. The ds9 region files fixed_angular and fixed_physical identify all of the extracted regions and bolometers. They are avilable for your own investigations.

Reading IPAC tables in IDL

In order to read IPAC tables into IDL, use the read_ipac_table procedure. Reading into a structure named 'info' would then be done as: info=read_ipac_table(ipac_table_filename_string).

Type Flux Table Spectra
Common Fixed Angular X-Y Grid Line flux Table Long+Short-λ spectra
Radial extraction in 2 annuli Line flux Table Long+Short-λ spectra