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This is ASTR 1010, Section 3, Fall 2008

Your professor:

JD Smith
Ritter Observatory 3000

JD's email (protected)

Ritter Observatory is the building adjacent to McMaster Hall, to the left across the courtyard as you enter MH to the lecture hall. Come upstairs to floor 3.

Syllabus and Schedule



Online Homework Website

Mastering Astronomy is where you will complete online homework assignments. You need your access code (which came with the book), and the course ID for our course: UTASTR1010SMITHFALL08.


Mon, Dec 22nd
Final grades posted. Thanks for a great semester!
Wed, Dec 17th
Still studying for the exam? Check out the final exam review notes from our exam review this evening. See you tomorrow, and don't forget your #2 pencils.
HW #5 grades posted.
Sun, Dec 14th
The review for the final exam will be Wed, Dec. 17th at 5:15-6:15 in MH 4009. The room seats about 40, so first come first served. Please feel free to wander in later. The exam review is not a substitute for studying for the exam. Instead, bring your remaining difficult topics to go over in person.
Wed, Dec 10th
I'm organizing a special final exam review during finals week, either Mon or Wed. at 5pm in MH. Email me if you are interested!
Mon, Dec 8
HW #5 due Wed.
Mon, Dec 1
Buy-back extra credit for exam 3 is now posted.
A new Extra Credit opportunity is available for this Thu, Dec 4th at 7:30pm.
Mon, Nov 24
Update Grades, including Exam #3, are available.
Mon, Nov 17
Exam #3 is today.
Observing this week at Brooks Observatory, 7:30-8:45.
Wed, Nov 10
Exam #3 is Monday. See the study guide.
Grades have been updated to include HW#3.
Mon, Nov 10
Exam #3 is in one week: Nov. 17. Review in class this Wed.
Mon, Nov 3
Another Extra Credit opportunity, to be completed instead of the magazine article, is now available.
Homework #3 is due tonight at 11pm.
Thu, Oct 30
Reminder: Last Withdrawal Date is tomorrow, Fri, Oct 31.
Wed, Oct 29
Observing is on for tonight. Meet in MH at 8:30 or later (runs through 10pm).
New Extra Credit Opportunity now available (due Nov. 5).
Mon, Oct 27
Buy-back extra credit has been tallied.
Homework #2 due Mon, Nov 3rd at 11pm (1 week behind syllabus schedule).
Observing canceled this evening.
Fri, Oct 17
Adjusted Exam 2 grades are now posted. Start reading Chapter 5. Have a nice Fall break!?
Thu, Oct 16
Mid-Term #2 buy-back extra credit is due before class on Wed. Oct 22. Must be type-written.
Tue, Oct 14
Extra credit grades have been posted, and added to your current course grade.
Mon, Oct 13?
Mid-Term Exam #2 is Wed, Oct 15th. Study Guide available.
Thu, Oct 9
Extra Credit write-ups for "Monsters of the Milky Way" or Richard Dempsey's talk are due Mon, Oct. 13th.
Mid-Term Exam #2 is Wed, Oct. 15th!
Wed, Oct 1
Exam #1 scores (adjusted) with buy-back points are posted.
Another Extra Credit Opportunity has been posted for tomorrow evening (one time only).
Wed, Sep 24
Your raw exam #1 grades are now posted on your Mastering Astronomy account. Please consider "buying back" up to 10 points by submitting a written sheet with your name, identifying up to 5 problems you missed, explaining why you missed them, and pointing out the correct answer. Turn in by Mon. 9/29 before class.

Extra-credit opportunity: See the new Extra Credit Page
Thu, Sep 18
Observing is on tonight! Last chance until Oct. 27th.
Wed, Sep 17
Study Guide and lecture notes for Exam 1 on Mon Sep 22 have been posted.
The weather looks good for observing tonight!
Tue, Sep 16
Observing is on tonight, meet 9pm in the lobby of McMaster Hall (or follow the signs). Friends and family are welcome. Don't forget your blue ticket.
Updated grades have been posted.
Mon, Sep 15
Observing is tentatively canceled for the evening, but may occur if it clears up by 9pm.
Wed, Sep 10
You should have visited the planetarium in-class this week. On MasteringAstronomy there is now an assignment where you can describe the show, and (when you complete them) the two ticketed events outside of class. These three descriptions together comprise 10% of your final grade. It's due by the end of the semester, but you can (and should) complete them as you do them. A short paragraph is fine.
Wed, Sep 3
Lecture notes are now posted.
Online HW #1 is due Wed, Sept 10th at 4pm. Note that it includes some short answer essay questions.
Students with last name A-K: visit the planetarium at 4pm on Monday Sep 8. Other students come to class.
Students with last name L-Z: visit the planetarium at 4pm Wednesday Sep 10. Other students come to class.
Wed, Aug 27
You should have read Chapter 1 and be reading Chapter 2.
Don't forget your workbook in class.
Complete the "Introduction to MasteringAstronomy" practice homework if you haven't yet.
Fri, Aug 22
Please register at Mastering Astronomy, the course text's website. Use the course id UTASTR1010SMITHFALL08.
See you in class Monday!

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