Frontiers of Astronomy

This is ASTR 2340, Spring 2011

Your professor:

JD Smith
Ritter Observatory 3000
Office Hours: W 9-11:30

JD's email (protected)

Ritter Observatory (RO) is the building adjacent to McMaster Hall, to the left across the courtyard as you enter MH to the lecture hall. Come upstairs to floor 3.

Syllabus and Schedule



Tue, Apr 26th
Semester projects due Thursday! Online Assignment: The Eerie Silence: Are We Alone in the Universe?
Thu, Apr 21st
Semester Project final paper due Thu. April 28th. Final Exam Friday May 6th.
Mon, Apr 11th
If you haven't turned in semester project drafts, do so immediately! 3% off final project grade per day late. Presenters for Tue, Apr 12th: R.Y. & D.W.
Wed Apr 6th
First draft of the semester project due tomorrow! First presenter R.Y.
Tue Mar 29th
Watch a short series of videos from Karl Gebhardt on the HETDEX dark energy project.
Mon Mar 28th
Watch George Smoot's TED talk regarding the CMB, and read Ned Wright's cosmology FAQ.
Exam #2 on Thursday, Mar 31!
First draft of your semester project due a week from Thursday, April 7th!!!
First in-class presentation on April 7th (R.Y.)!!!
Tue, Mar 15th
Online assingment: Watch Andrea Ghez's TED talk on the hunt for supermassive black holes.
Tue, Mar 1st
Watch: A Journey into a Black Hole

Testing Einstein's Universe GP-B — Spacetime & Spin OR Watch: Gravity Probe B - Everitt Lecture — May 18, 2006

Detailed Outline for Semester Project due March 15th!

Thu, Feb 17th
Watch and read an article and short video about the Hafele-Keating experiment.
Tue, Feb 15th
Watch this video about GPS and relativity.
Thu, Feb 10th
Online assignments: read about the origin of some cosmic rays, the Ice Cube Neutrino detector's impact on cosmic ray studies, and watch a video on the Fly's Eye cosmic ray detector (in three parts).
Wed, Feb 9th
Semester paper project title now due Thu, Feb 10th. You do not need to have selected your book for this.

Online assignment: Watch this video about gamma ray bursts.

Sat, Feb 5th
Online assignment: read this interview with Geoff Marcy. Produce one correlation or histogram plot from a subsection of the exoplanet catalog.
Mon, Jan 24th
Online assignment: read this article on neutrinos by John Bachall, and watch this video on neutrinos.
Thu, Jan 13th
Online assignment: watch this video on the TMT.
Tue, Jan 11th
Welcome to class. Reading assignments: The Search for Extremophiles on Earth and Beyond, and three new top stories on astrobiology.

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