Short Low Inter-Order Light Correction

Carl Starkey

Here we present the creation of a tool designed to resolve a time dependant discrepancy between the Short Low One (SL1) and Short Low Two (SL2) spectral orders for the IRS instrument. A detailed description of this tool and the IDL source code can be found at the bottom of this page.

The following two images are taken from a spectral mapping dataset of NGC5457. Each image features the same spatial region and shows the spectra before and after the Short Low correction, respectively.


Sample spectra taken from data illustrating the mismatch between the IRS short-low two (left) and short-low one (right). Short-low three (middle) is included to demonstrate that short-low two is at fault.


Sample spectra taken from the same region as in the above figure after the IO correction has been applied.

Download SL_IO_Correct or just the manual.

Note: If the visualization keyword is used, the program uses tools found in the Coyote Graphics System by David Fanning.

SL_IO_Correct was built and tested using IDL 7.1.1 and the April 2011 version of NASA's IDL Astronomy User's Library.

Last modified: Wednesday July 13th, 2011